New York City Fire Codes

Building owners in New York City know that fire codes can be stringent and difficult to follow. The codes dealing with your fire protection system can be confusing and strict. Listed below are some New York City fire codes and how you can make it easy to comply with them.

Requirements for Fire Sprinklers

As of July 1, 2019, it will be mandatory that all buildings at least 100 feet tall in New York City to have a fire sprinkler system installed. This is a requirement that was established in Local Law 26 which was passed in 2004. However, it is not enough to simply have sprinkler system installed in your building. There are guidelines and rules business owners must follow for these systems.

First of all, sprinkler systems must comply with the rules and standards put forth by the NFPA. The standards for the installation of sprinkler systems are detailed within in NFPA 13 which describes the minimum requirements for fire sprinkler design. Another standard for fire sprinklers is NFPA 25 that sets the baseline for inspection and testing of sprinkler systems.

In addition to complying with the codes set by the NFPA, buildings in New York City also must comply with Chapter 9 of the local fire code and building code. Chapter 9 of the fire code stipulates how often inspections and maintenance must be performed and describes what must be done when a sprinkler system is out of service. The building code explains when a fire sprinkler installation is necessary and explains the requirements for documentation of sprinkler systems.

Fire Alarm Code

Similar to fire sprinklers, the baseline set of standards for fire alarm systems is established by the NFPA. The requirements for installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire alarms are covered within NFPA 72. NFPA 72 is also known as the National Fire Alarm and Signaling code.

In New York City, fire alarm systems must comply with Chapter 9 of the fire code and Chapter 9 of the building code in addition to NFPA 72. Section BC 907 of the NYC building code requires that documents for fire alarm systems must be submitted to and approved by the Fire Department before the system is installed. This section also describes which types of fire alarms and detectors are necessary depending on the environment. Section FC 907 describes the requirements for inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire alarm and detection systems.

Making Code Compliance Easy

Island Fire is a fire protection contractor that serves New York City and Long Island. We can make complying with fire codes simple by choosing us to be your fire protection company. We provide fire sprinkler and fire alarm system installations that comply with local codes and NFPA standards. Our team of technicians is trained on fire codes and knows the regulations for fire protection systems. We can perform inspections, testing, and repairs to your system as often as is required by fire codes. For more information on how Island Fire can assist you in understanding and complying with New York City fire codes, give us a call today at 631-472-4500.

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