fire sprinkler service

Fire Sprinkler Service

Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Testing

Keeping your sprinkler system up to date is critical to life safety. We understand that parts may wear out and systems may break down which is why our team of experienced technicians is ready to service your building’s fire protection system. We can provide you with 24-hour emergency services for the times that your fire sprinkler or fire protection system breaks down unexpectedly. Give us a call and we will send a technician to your location to respond to your problem.

The dedicated Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Division at Island Fire Life Safety Co. have the capability to provide you with a variety of fire sprinkler services. Our services include local or nationwide fire suppression system inspection in addition to testing and maintenance packages that are tailored to your individual requirements. We work with businesses in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau and Suffolk Counties to keep their facilities up to date with NFPA 25 and local authorities required inspection and testing frequencies.

Fire Sprinkler Services:

  • Emergency Fire Service
  • Fire Inspection Services
    • Dry Systems
    • Fire Pumps
    • Pre-Action Systems
    • Self-contained Systems
    • Wet Systems
  • Repairs
  • Testing
    • Fire Department Testing
    • Internal Pipe Testing
    • Obstruction Testing
    • Stand Pipe Testing

If you are interested in learning more about our service package or would like to schedule an inspection of your fire protection system, contact us today!

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