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Fire Protection Inspection Services

At Island Fire, promoting life safety is important to us. This is why we not only install fire protection systems, but we also service them. Regular inspections of your fire protection system are necessary to keep your systems functioning properly.

Keep up to Date with Local Codes

No one wants to pay fines for not complying with local codes. Island Fire can help you remain compliant with fire protection requirements by providing inspections of your systems as often as required by your insurance, local fire codes, and NFPA standards. Our team of experienced technicians can service and inspect your fire sprinklers, suppression systems, and alarm systems in the New York City Metro area.

After your system is inspected Island Fire will provide you with an inspection report and give you options to repair your system if needed. We keep all your reports on hand should you ever need them for insurance or audit purposes.

Service Plans and Emergency Services

To receive regularly scheduled inspection and testing of your fire protection systems you can set up a service plan with Island Fire. Plans can be set up for annual, bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly testing and inspection. We also provide emergency fire protection services for when unexpected service is needed for your fire protection system.

Systems We Inspect

The team at Island Fire can inspect a variety of systems including:

  • Wet Pipe Fire Sprinklers
  • Dry Pipe Fire Sprinklers
  • Pre-Action Systems
  • Fire Pumps
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Standpipe Systems
  • FM200 Suppression Systems

Industries Served

Island Fire is a full-service fire protection contractor serving a variety of industries and types of buildings. As a New York City company, we perform inspections and other services to many high-rise buildings. We also have experience working with industrial parks, retail properties, factories, spray paint booths, and commercial spaces.

If you would like to schedule an inspection of your fire protection system with Island Fire, give us a call now at 631-472-4500.

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